Carrying Everest Awarded Funding

The team is thrilled to announce that Carrying Everest has been awarded a grant of $10,000 by Screen Canberra under the 2018 Screen Arts Fund. Director/Producer/Writer Hallam Drury was one of eight Canberra-based recipients of funding, announced by ACT Minister for the Arts Gordon Ramsay on 5 February. The ACT Screen Arts Fund has been running for six years and been highly successful in funding dozens of film, gaming and media projects by ACT-based artists.

Carrying Everest was awarded funding to complete the project’s post-production phase, following the completion of principal photography in September-October 2016. The Screen Arts funding will allow for a return trip to Nepal in 2018 to complete some additional filming that was unfortunately unable to be completed due to monsoon conditions in 2016. Funding will also assist the post-production process through supporting film and sound editing, music licensing, marketing and other associated costs.

“Screen Arts funding is critical in supporting the diversity and vibrancy of film and screen activity across Canberra, and in showcasing the calibre of our screen artists” said Minister Ramsey on Monday.  “The arts play a significant role in making our city vibrant, culturally rich and diverse and this government continues to provide essential support for the arts in a number of ways including funding grants like this,” Minister Ramsay concluded.

Further information, including the Minister’s full press release, can be found here.

The ACT Screen Arts Fund is managed by Screen Canberra and is part of the ACT Arts Fund. Screen Canberra is the ACT’s film, television and digital media office, and is hosted by the ACT Screen Industry Association Ltd.

The team filming an interview, September 2016

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