Our Supporters

Organisations/Businesses Supporting the Film

Majestic Himalaya Treks & Expedition

Dzi Foundation

The Hungry Buddha

Martinos for Men

Individual Supporters

A huge thanks to those who are supporting our project via our Chuffed.org campaign! The names of those (so far) helping the Kulung share their stories are listed below:

Lucy Armstrong

Jessica Arthurian

Nicola Bailey

Marnie Banyer

Stephen Bates

Pip Bennett

Iris Barzen

Anne Blower

Samantha Burt

Tara Cameron

Peter Carson

Paul Davies

Belinda De Candilo

Eleni Dimitriadis

Casey Doolette

Bob Doyle

Tonya Dreher

Steve Eves

Sarah Farmer

Elizabeth Ferguson

Kris Franken

Niamh Gallagher

Sophie Gillies

Melanie Glavimans

Lisa Harrison

Jasmine Henkel

Richard & Mary Henkel

Kate Herorn

Naren Kulung

Kimberley Layton

Elly Love

Drew McLean

Jaimie Meddows

Philip Meddows

Katrina Moore

Christine & John Murphy

Denise Neil

Beth Newman

Angela Newy

Douglas Nizette

Nathan O’Brien

Deborah Purss

James Read

Jodie & Robert Schnitzer

Ryan Skinner

Haidi Spence

Beatrix Spencer

Ashlyn Stacey

Sam Wallace

Deborah Weber

Justin Williams

Steve Willems

Jia Yan

Jason Yu


One thought on “Our Supporters

  1. tbdreher

    Hello Hallam and everyone! I am so inspired by the work that you’re doing and really want to help more if I can. I made a small donation…I can contribute more if needed, But I also have connections to people in Chheskam. I am very close to a young Kulung man, he was an assistant guide on my EBC trek last October. I was stunned by how many people he knew on the trail…wherever we went, he was stopped, shaking hands, conversing etc….I know now that it;s because the majority of the people working on these trails are Kulung. I was captivated by the stories he told of his people. Our lead guide was great also, but he is from Langtang and didn’t seem nearly as well-known as Adhish, our 23 yr old assistant from Chheskam. I am going back to Nepal in July to meet with Adhish, visit Chheskam, and see if I can help he and his family more, Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help your efforts!


    Tonya Dreher


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